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Cars & Coffee Romania OCTOBER 21, 2017

Welcome to the first edition of Cars & Coffee Romania, that will take place in a gorgeous setting in Snagov and at Motorpark Romania, the first race track in Romania and the newest in South-Eastern Europe. The first part of the event is private and it will consist of a networking session for you and other passionate participants in Snagov, which will be followed by an elegant and delicious breakfast. The purpose of this part is the creation of what’s going to be the foundation of a strong community driven by the mutual passion for cars.

The second part of Cars & Coffee Romania is designed so as to load you with adrenaline and energy. After an approximately 40-minute drive, we will reach Motorpark Romania around 11.30 a.m. All the cars will be displayed in exhibition style for the open public to admire and savor. Here is also where you will be experiencing the main attraction, more precisely the C&C Romania Race, where the participants can engage in a fun and friendly race along the Motorpark Romania circuit. The structure of the race is surprisingly different from most contests, but here is a small hint: it`s not about being the fastest and this is what makes it fun. It is recommended for each pilot to have a co-pilot!

Special about Cars & Coffee Romania is that, after the event, you have the possibility to donate an amount of money to our partners, the foundation OvidiuRo. We believe that every child in Romania deserves the chance to education, which is a noble cause that we support. What about you?

Be prepared! During both parts, you (the participants) and the spectators will enjoy various surprises and engaging activities.

This event is limited to a maximum of 50 vehicles and we would kindly like to ask you to submit your application at your earliest convenience.

Our team prepares its events in cooperation with our generous sponsors, partners and photographers. We are confident that this very event as well as all the following ones will satisfy your passion for automobiles, offering you the great opportunity to interact with people who share the same passion.

Through our Cars & Coffee events, we believe to become the link of a group of great people with extraordinary vehicles and provide all of them with unforgettable memories.

How to take part? With your car... To participate as an owner with your car, please submit your application by filling out the form (Owner) that you find below. Details for the optional booking of your hotel room will be sent after your confirmation.

With your passion… Do you want to see the amazing cars taking part in this Cars & Coffee event? Please make sure to become a free member of our Cars & Coffee platform. You can sign up on this page and always receive the latest updates about the event.

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